Sorry Affiliates, Next VIP SALE = No Commission!

Sorry Affiliates, Next VIP SALE = No Commission!

Hmm… two contrasting techniques in the in box this afternoon.

Firstly…Laura Ashley

“We wanted to let you know that you could earn an extra 2% commission during the Laura Ashley sale – that’s a whopping 8%!”

And now…Next

“Please note that the Next end of season sale is due to commence on the 26th December.

From x time and y time the VIP sale occurs. Within this period, Next will not be paying any commission for VIP sale items.”


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Skimlinks Clears $2m Sales in a Weekend

Skimlinks Clears $2m Sales in a Weekend

Stumbled upon a tweet this morning from Alicia who mentioned they recently cleared $2m of sales in one weekend.

Great achievement folks! I know some sceptics were a little bemused when you won so many awards at this years Affiliate Marketing Awards - The fact the lions share of this revenue will be new to the performance based channel shows true innovation IMO, so well done!

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Speaking at EGRLive – Perfect Partners

Speaking at EGRLive – Perfect Partners

Today, I’m going to be speaking at EGRLive, a new iGaming event which incorporates a Power Affiliates stream.

Held at Old Billingsgate, a contender venue for a4uexpo, I’m speaking at a session entitled;

‘Perfect partners: Getting the most from your affiliate/operator relationship’

The first stage I guess is transparency – which is always going to be difficult in a vertical which is still burdened with mainstream black hat usage.

Be interesting to see how it goes, maybe see you there?

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European Affiliate Marketing is a few years behind America?

European Affiliate Marketing is a few years behind America?

Well, I’ve finally booked my flights and I’m all set for Affiliate Summit in Vegas.

This will be the first Affiliate Summit where I’ve chosen to speak and I’m really looking forward to the panel where we’ll be discussing the UK and European Market; specifically ‘CPA Affiliate Marketing Opportunities in Europe’ You’ll find our session poses an intriguing description:

European affiliate marketing is a few years behind America in some areas, but ahead of it in others. This session will provide insight into the growth areas in Europe.

I’ll be alongside:

Whilst you could say that were were behind in 2003 I can honestly say I don’t think America is ahead in any element of performance based marketing over established European markets such as the UK and Germany with one exception pure CPA / Lead generation.

We are ahead in a LOT of areas i.e the state of data feeds in America for instance is dismal.

What are your thoughts?

This should be an interesting session and I hope to keep our network rep’s James and Lee on their toes too! :)

There are a number of Brits heading out to Vegas, and if you’re tempted I have a special 20% OFF Affiliate Summit Discount Code I can give you.

Hope to see you there, you know you want to!

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click here? er, no thanks.

click here? er, no thanks.


What a knob.

Anyone else really tired of seeing rubbish like the ‘Automated Income Stream System’ by Chris Cobb?

Now back to reading Dave Naylors excellent blog!

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Anyone seen the increase in advertisers utilising reviews and getting them spidered within the SERPS?

Some examples;

Some may view these sub domain sites as extra competition in traditional affiliate territory (i.e model numbers) however as a leveller it’s also good to see that these reviews appear to be available on the new product feeds that have been managed by Fusepump for Argos at Commission Junction.

Data Feeds are often plagued by inconsistencies and poor structure so this is a great step forward and these new feeds appear to even surpass the excellent Shop Window feed in some areas.

New Features Include

  1. Addition of Manufacturer Brands
  2. Additional Product Features
  3. Better Pricing Structure
  4. Improved Promotional Messaging
  5. Product Alternatives
  6. Customer Reviews

However nothing can currently beat the universal category structure that Shop Window presents, and this is something that Fusepump should work on otherwise publishers will need to integrate each feed individually.

We’ll be implementing them shortly on a new site so we’ll let you know how we get on.

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