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Sorry Affiliates, Next VIP SALE = No Commission!

Hmm... two contrasting techniques in the in box this afternoon. Firstly...Laura Ashley "We wanted to let you know that you could earn an extra 2% commission during the Laura Ashley sale – that’s a whopping 8%!" And now...Next "Please note that the Next end of season sale is due to commence on the 26th December. From x time and y time the VIP sale occurs. Within this period, Next will not be paying any commission for VIP sale...

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click here? er, no thanks.

What a knob. Anyone else really tired of seeing rubbish like the 'Automated Income Stream System' by Chris Cobb? Now back to reading Dave Naylors excellent...

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Re-targeting to the detriment of Affiliates?

Before our summer holiday my Wife was speaking about how comfortable Havianna flip flops were and recommended a pair - having scouted around for the best price and visiting a number of retailers including Office - I eventually purchased a pair from Stand Out. And for those who are vaguely interested they are very comfortable! - Stay with me - now as I was watching Liverpoool get thrashed at home for the first time in two years in the league -...

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Mobile App’s and Affiliate Marketing

Over the last couple of weeks we've seen the launch of a number of new mobile applications for retailers, Oasis being one who falls short of transactional payment via the application to Net A Porter who go the whole hog; big respect for them. According to e-consultancy its a decent app too that's been specifically designed for the iPhone. So how can Affiliate Marketing get a slice of the pie here?  As we're talking about a Mobile...

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M&S lowers commission for SALES again

Not sure what people feel about this. It seems that M&S who have their affiliate programme managed through are lowering commission from 4%...

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