Impact Radius to Cause a Wave in the UK Affiliate Market?

Impact Radius to Cause a Wave in the UK Affiliate Market?

Today, Impact Radius launched simultaneously in the UK and USA -  Believe me, it’s an important day for those involved in Affiliate Marketing.

Why? well it changes the way that advertisers and publishers can connect and enables advertisers to track sales through off-line and online media; including TV, radio, print and other off-line distribution channels.

This is something that’s been discussed at a4uexpo in recent years.

For high volume advertisers there could well be potential savings on override and gives an alternative to working with a traditional network. Especially if advertisers divided activity by channel i.e for paid search or voucher code activity using one solution, effectively taking the crème of current volume at low cost and then relying on other networks who offer value add solutions such as data feeds for other affiliate activity; this could be problematic!

This cost issue is compounded with networks who continue to have high account management or override fees.  This naturally depends on individual circumstances.

On the flip side I would imagine due to the competitiveness of the market some advertisers are already on surprisingly low overrides and Advertisers may continue to prefer the account management and safety belt a traditional network provides on such issues as brand management.

The decision however may well rest with the agency and whether they use the product as a tool to increase their margin, the affiliates or reduce the advertisers cost from Affiliate Marketing.

It’s a very interesting model which has a respected founding team including Per Petterson (founder of Commission Junction before selling out), Todd Crawford and Lisa Riolo.
The UK office will be headed up by Ricki Jones.

The big question is yet to be answered - Will this innovation be a network killer to those networks who have failed to innovate over the last couple of years, or will the two solutions live happily side by side? Interesting times ahead.

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  1. Lisa Riolo

    Thanks for the great post! We really hope that our Impact Radius will be a catalyst for growth in the entire industry.

  2. julian

    The fact that it is started by ex-cj people doesn’t fill me with confidence. cj in the uk is poor when compared to the performance, tracking, systems, etc of awin and

  3. Matt

    Oh dear, ex - Commission Junction people eh.. I’m happy with awin, webgains, and affiliate future thanks :) :)

  4. Ricki Jones

    Hi Julian / Matt,

    Thanks for the comments.

    Essentially, the team behind Impact Radius sat down and took a great deal of learnings from the technology they built at CJ. The question they asked themselves was “if we knew then what we know now, what would we build?” and the result is a robust, flexible tracking solution for both offline and online marketing channels.

    I would be happy to take you through a demo of the product if you wish? Email me at for further details.



  5. julian

    Ricki, why didn’t the guy fix cj, it has been a poor relation to awin, etc, for years.

  6. Ricki Jones

    Im not sure what you mean by ‘fixed’, but the tech team at Impact Radius left CJ a number of years ago…..

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